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Is Golf a Sport?

Is Golf a Sport?

Is Golf a sport? Most of you might have debated it with your buddies that spend a lot of time playing the game. The discussion often raises subtle points in favor of golf being a sport, which are tough to dismiss.

There is a common perception that golf is a hobby for white, old and rich men who do not have much to do. Although this notion may have been true in the past, golf is now accessible in all parts of the world and is popular among people of all age groups.

Golf might appear boring, or easy, or unlike a majority of other sports. However, it deserves its place among sports such as basketball, football and soccer. Here are 5 reasons that show that golf is like other sporting activities  and more people should consider it a sport:

1.     Difficulty

Is Golf a sport? To an outsider, golf may appear easy and simple, but it is a very complicated and challenging sport. Numerous variables go into each shot. It does not matter how long you play golf. You will soon realize that no 2 shots are exactly the same. Before you even get into the intricacy of a golf swing, you have to consider the distance, elevation change in wind, pin placement and the firmness of the ground. You also have to take into account the slope and shape of the green or the fairway, depending on the type of shot you are playing.

You have to do all this within 40 seconds of getting to the ball. Otherwise, you will receive a penalty. Then, you need near perfect harmonization of body movements for a proper swing of the golf club.

2.     Physically Demanding

Is Golf a sport? Most people complain that golf requires little physical exertion. However, this is a myth. Golfers usually walk more than 5 miles in a single round, and shoulder a 35 pound bag for over 4 hours. In addition, a rigorous swing of the club involves strenuous turning and twisting. You have to understand that constantly twisting and turning your spine about 40 times on a daily basis needs serious athleticism and agility.

3.     Skill

Is Golf a sport? Striking a golf ball demands an incredible amount of focus and coordination. The level of difficulty involved makes golf a skill-based sport, but there’s a lot more to it than what we have discussed so far. Short game is an important element of golf that mostly relies on natural ability and talent. Touch is vital for chipping the golf ball as different chip shots require a different approach and every green is not alike. Reading and understanding the green is an important, yet neglected skill. Golfers should have an idea of what the putt will do prior to striking the golf ball.

4.     Big Money

Is Golf a sport? Similar to most celebrity athletes, professional golfers earn huge amounts of money. The best golfers in the world make more than $10 million per year from tournament winnings, excluding massive amounts of sponsorship money.

5.     Widespread

Is Golf a sport? Once golf was played exclusively in the US and UK, but today it has spread across the globe. Australian Jason Day recently took the number 1 spot, which suggests that the game has gained global praise and appreciation.

About Trevor Johnson

As a PGA Professional, Trevor has worked at some of the most prestigious golf clubs in the country. His most recent position was Head Golf Professional at Bay Colony Golf Club in Naples, Florida. Trevor is a Florida local and has spent a great deal of time on the greens and fairways of many of the top golf courses in Florida. In his spare time, Trevor writes articles for FloridaGolfing.com and loves sharing his knowledge and insight on the top golf courses in Florida. Trevor and his wife Jen have two wonderful children, Lincoln and Reese. Trevor moved to Southwest Florida in 2003 after graduating from Ferris State University as a Marketing major with an emphasis in Professional Golf Management. In between rounds, Trevor focuses on his business pursuits and is the co-founder of Snowbird Pros, which helps clients find the perfect home on the perfect golf course.

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