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How to Drive a Golf Ball?

How to Drive a Golf Ball?

How to Drive a Golf Ball? It does not matter if you are new to golf or trying to enhance your game at it. There are a number of steps that go into driving a golf ball well. A fine tee shot requires a combination of knowing how to stand, being familiar with your gear, mastering the swing, and being clearheaded. The following tactics will help you learn how to properly drive a golf ball.

Your Left Shoulder Should Be Behind the Ball

Nerves usually make your backswing short and fast. It can be difficult to recover from this scratchy move. If you are tense or nervous, like on your first tee or on a difficult driving hole, concentrate on making a rhythmic and complete motion to the top. The best thing to do is gently turning your lead (right) shoulder behind your ball. You will be loaded into your right side, which will allow you to shift forward when you come down.

Keep the Back toward Your Target Starting Down

Launch into your downswing by pushing your right shoulder toward the golf ball. This will make your swing path fairly steep and out across the ball. Ensure the right shoulder stays far back, which will allow your club to drop inside when you start down. Keep your back towards the target for a longer period during the downswing. Making a complete turn behind the golf ball, your right shoulder should stay passive to avoid your upper body from spinning out of control. When your club drops to the inside, swing toward the ball, it will enable both your arms to release, squaring the clubface.

Keep Your Body Turning

Allowing your body to slow down through the hitting area will cause the energy and thrust of your swing to flip your club snapping the face closed. This is a common mistake that you need to avoid. The easiest way of avoiding this is to continue turning your entire body toward your target. Position yourself to the left side when you start down. Your chest should point toward the ball and turn sharply to your left. Your club will not flip this time.

Maintain the Arm Speed Till You Finish

In case you have no clue and are feeling completely lost on your tee, you clearly need a swing tip that will combat many potential problems. Try to keep both arms swinging, maintaining a constant and stable speed through the swing all the way to the finish. Many golfers make the mistake of swinging to the ball and stopping; they literally throw their clubs at the ball. This usually leads to misses and awkward shots.

So, becoming familiar with the proper correction tends to be confusing at most times. Maintaining good arm speed will generate flow and good rhythm throughout the impact. You will be astonished at how other things seamlessly fall into place. It is better to make an aggressive and rigorous pass through the ball instead of attempting to gently steer it down the fairway.

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